This is the Sound of the Voices From the Territory

This is the sound of the Voices of the Territory

Sonido Voces del Territorio

In these videos, you can learn more about some of the 40 projects formulated by the communities, in addition to the provision of inputs and training in communication that were provided to start their implementation.

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Piangua Festival Organized in Tumaco, Nariño

The first Piangua Festival was born from the articulation between cultural organizations and producers that subsist on the extraction of this delicacy from the Colombian Pacific. This initiative for the conservation of gastronomic and cultural knowledge, as well as its emphasis on the protection of the mangrove, are an example of peacebuilding as it is held in Tumaco, one of the municipalities most affected by the conflict in the south of the country.


Farmer's Market Held in La Montañita, Caquetá

The ETCOTUR Montañitense project seeks to strengthen the productive efforts of local organizations and indigenous peoples of this Amazonian territory in the south of the country, through collaborative work in endeavors like farmers' markets and ecotourism routes.


The Cultural and Gastronomic Event Carried Out by the Indigenous Communities of Corinto, Cauca

The participants in this project received, amidst music and tastings, the tools with which they will continue their work in coffee growing and promotion of tourist routes. The associative enterprises benefited are key for the Nasa indigenous communities that are betting on peace in the northern part of the Cauca, an area strongly affected by different dynamics of the armed conflict.


Workshops to Create the First Digital Radio Station in Toluviejo, Sucre

Voces del Territorio supported the creation of Voces de Paz de Toluviejo, the first virtual radio station in this municipality of Montes de María, in the northwestern part of the country. This new media seeks to meet the information and educational needs of the local and regional population, promoting the exchange of knowledge and proposing solutions to everyday community problems.


Radio and Audiovisual Production Workshops in Mesetas, Meta

The Community Communications Network Resisting for Peace promotes the participation of children and young people in communication practices such as radio and video production in this municipality located in the foothills of Colombia´s oriental plains. These new voices intend to narrate the recent history of their municipality from their own point of view, betting on the generational relay and positioning the importance of the construction of collective memory.


Audiovisual Production Workshops in Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo

In one of the most remote territories of the Colombian Amazon, these communication collectives are committed to articulate in the Bajo Putumayo community network of audiovisual production, as well as to continue training and learning together. This network will join efforts to narrate problems associated with the context of the region, both in terms of risk reduction and in terms of culture, indigenous stories and ancestral knowledge.