Rural Alternative School of Dabeiba, Antioquia

Dabeiba Colombian re-integration school

The Rural Alternative School of Dabeiba, Antioquia  supports the ex-combatant reincorporation process with productive projects in the town of Godó (an extension of the Llanogrande Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space). This ERA currently works with allies such as FEDECACAO, the Government of Antioquia, the Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition of Antioquia (MANA), the University of Antioquia, the CONFIAR financial cooperative, CIER, and La Ceiba. They share knowledge and exchange products with neighboring communities, especially with the peasant cooperative Agrodabeiba.

One of the most advanced projects of this ERA is farm fishing, which has expanded into nearby plots belonging to neighboring peasants. These peasants have allowed new ponds to be built on their land, have worked on production, and have received profits from fish sales.

Four hectares of cocoa were planted with assistance from FEDECACAO. Agro-ecological crop management and monthly technology trainings have made a big difference in participant’s lives. Farming and technical exchange meetings with the Cocoa Association of Dabeiba are planned to strengthen organic crop management and ensure future sales.

The two main sales projects are supplemented by others such as growing passion fruit and banana crops, raising laying hens, and fattening poultry. These supplementary projects contribute to participant’s food self-sufficiency and the agro-ecological focus of the ERA.


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