Rural Alternative School of Ituango, in Antioquia

Ituango School for Colombian Re Integration - Farming

The Rural Alternative School of Ituango, in Antioquia, is located in an area that has been affected by armed conflict and illegal economies. Since the Peace Deal was signed, the region has been working to change the daily dynamics of commerce, production and social relationships. This ERA currently has 42 participants and works with the Land Entrepreneurial Cooperative, which supports the ERA’s financial reincorporation and food sustainability projects. 

With this perspective, the ERA supported the creation and commercialization of Paramillo Coffee, an initiative of the ex-combatants from the Santa Lucía Territorial Training and Reconciliation Space. This organic coffee arose from a project that contributes to the reconciliation of ex-combatants with society and has already integrated coffee peasants with the production and commercialization process.

Also, the agreement between PASO Colombia and the Agency for food Safety and Nutrition of Antioquia (MANA) speeds up the implementation of family crops for self-supply and supports agriculture and livestock production projects to generate income for peasant families and ex-combatants. This project includes the development of 70 family crops which – thanks to trainings and supplies they receive from the agreement – meet their daily nutrition needs.

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