Key Achievements Of The Contingency Plan To Support Ex-Coca Grower Families

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November 2019 - February 2020

Working with 1,967 families in 10 municipalities of the country this plan transformed an emergency situation into an opportunity for capacity building through collaboration in each one of the intervened territories.

  • 22 infrastructures improved or built
    • 1 municipal nursery in Anorí
    • 3 farmers market facilities in La Macarena, Miranda and El Dovio
    • 1 coffee processing plant
    • 1 fish farm in Miranda
    • 1 chicken incubator in Puerto Asís
    • 1 trapiche to process sugarcane in Puerto Asís
    • 4 community centers in Puerto Asís, Tibú and Dagua
    • 1 cassava processing plant in Puerto Guzmán
    • 1 fruit processing plant in San José del Guaviare
    • 3 product collection centers in San José del Guaviare, Dagua and Bolivar
    • 1 brick production facility in San José del Guaviare
    • 1 school in Tibú
    • 1 tourist reception center in Dagua
  • 10 Peasant Markets Established. A marketing network has been created involving 400 women in the 10 municipalities.
  • Alliances with wholesalers: CAVASA, COTELCO (Hotel Guild), ACODRES (Restaurant Guild) and direct contacts with 12 hotels and clubs in the Cauca Valley.
  • 300 hours of training delivered in Production, Marketing, Productive Infrastructures, Association Strengthening, and Child Care.
  • 2 cooperatives formed and 20 PNIS participant associations strengthened.

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