Collaborative Commercial Partnerships

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PASO Colombia works to build mutually beneficial partnerships among rural communities, ex-combatants, private companies, and public and international organizations. These collaborative commercial partnerships (CCPs) provide communities with an alternative to violent conflict by supporting agricultural projects through commercialization, funding, and technical training.

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  • Hugo Restrepo Partnership

    Partnership with Hugo Restrepo & Co

    Within the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Miranda, Cauca, a CCP has been developed between PASO Colombia, Hugo Restrepo & Co., and the two cooperatives of peasants and ex-combatants participating in this ERA to cultivate and sell tabasco chili peppers.

  • CCP Illy Partnership

    Partnership with Illy Caffè

    PASO Colombia established contacts with and worked to build confidence between ex-combatants and the National Federation of Coffee Growers in the department of Cauca.