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Job at Paso Colombia January 11, 2019

Job Opening: Deputy Director

As part of its national expansion plan, PASO Colombia has opened the position of Deputy Director. The role’s main responsibility will be managing and directing the day-to-day operations of PASO’s Rural Alternative Schools project.

escuelas rurales alternativas filipinas en colombia January 2, 2019

Three new Rural Alternative Schools

In the last quarter of 2018, PASO Colombia developed three new Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs) in the border region with Venezuela, closing the year with nine of these schools fully established and another school currently in the development process.

Gira agroecológica December 5, 2018

Agroecological tour for ERA participants in Antioquia

30 participants of the Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs) of Mutatá, Dabeiba and Ituango in Antioquia traveled to the Valle del Cauca department to take part in a pedagogical agroecological tour organized by PASO Colombia and the “Living Territories” alliance that supports the operation of the ERAs in Antioquia.

build peace in colombia November 7, 2018

PASO Colombia at the Build Peace Conference

As a part of this year’s Build Peace conference, PASO hosted a workshop called Strengthening Peace Spaces in Colombia with the Use of New Forms of Organization and Technologies, where participants discussed how to design rural settlements in conflict-affected zones of rural Colombia that promote sustainable peace, economic well-being, and environmental protection.

escuelas rurales colombia October 16, 2018

The National Training Service is a new partner in Rural Alternative Schools

The National Learning Service (SENA), the public institution that has been in charge of providing technical training to workers in Colombia since 1957, has become a new partner in the Rural Alternative Schools (ERA).