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build peace in colombia November 7, 2018

PASO Colombia at the Build Peace Conference

As a part of this year’s Build Peace conference, PASO hosted a workshop called Strengthening Peace Spaces in Colombia with the Use of New Forms of Organization and Technologies, where participants discussed how to design rural settlements in conflict-affected zones of rural Colombia that promote sustainable peace, economic well-being, and environmental protection.

escuelas rurales colombia October 16, 2018

The National Training Service is a new partner in Rural Alternative Schools

The National Learning Service (SENA), the public institution that has been in charge of providing technical training to workers in Colombia since 1957, has become a new partner in the Rural Alternative Schools (ERA).

Chile Peper Sawing September 27, 2018

Chili Peppers for Peace

20,000 chili pepper plants with a production potential of 55,000 pounds valued at $21,400 have been sown at the Rural Alternative School (ERA) in Miranda, Cauca.

Concordia de las Américas July 24, 2018

PASO Colombia Brings Ideas To The Concordia America’s Summit

Director of PASO Colombia participated in the 2018 Concordia Americas Summit to advise the newly elected government in innovative financing for social impact.

era estudiantes July 17, 2018

217 new ERA students

Activities in the new ERAs of Dabeiba, Mutatá and Ituango in Antioquia began with a practical series of workshops about identification of productive soils and ecological subsystems.