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El-Rarra School Colombia October 24, 2019

New Approach to Reincorporation in the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of El Tarra

Twenty-five ex-combatants and three farmers from the region are the initial participants of this ERA. They will receive tailor-designed training for their needs in a central farm, where they’ll learn about food sustainability, pisciculture and livestock breeding.

ERA Tulua - Coffee October 24, 2019

Using Technology to Improve Coffee Production in the ERA of Tuluá

In the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, an association of farmers who were victims of the armed conflict (ASOPROVENUS) and a cooperative of ex-combatants (COOLMUNES) have been collaborating on agricultural projects since July 2018.

Colombia Food Security Farmers Markets October 8, 2019

Miranda To Cali: Improving Nutrition And Food Security With Beans

As part of a strategy to find new markets for the food produced at Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs), members of the ERA in Miranda have begun participating in the Farmers Gatherings organized by the Secretary of Economic Development of Ca

colombia mercados comercializacion era October 7, 2019

Sales and Marketing Workshop For ERA Participants

Forty-five people, including small farmers and ex-combatants from Tuluá, Cali, Miranda, Dagua, Sevilla, and Jamundí participated in a workshop entitled Markets and Commercialization - “Producer and Consumer: Powers to be Discovered”.  

Pesca Artesanal Costa Pacifica August 16, 2019

New ERA to Support Artisanal Fishing along the Pacific Coast

This new ERA will train the participants in good practices of deep-sea fishing, food handling, fish processing and cold chains. It will support the repair of existing ships and the acquisition of fishing equipment.