The Seed of a New Rural Alternative School in Tuluá

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The Seed of a New Rural Alternative School in Tuluá

April 22, 2018

In an exemplary gesture of reconciliation peasants from 6 rural zones of the municipality of Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, unanimously voted to develop economic projects in collaboration with ex-combatants. These projects will be supported by the new Rural Alternative School (ERA) that PASO Colombia is opening in alliance with the government of the Valle del Cauca department. The local government, under the responsibility of the Secretariat for Territorial Peace and Reconciliation, will be providing financial support for the economic projects developed in this school.

33 ex-combatants and 33 peasants will be studying in this new ERA, and the projects developed in the 6 rural communities in collaboration with ex-combatants will be receiving technical support from the school. These ex-combatants, that were living in the reincorporation zone of Planadas, Tolima, received with great hope this opportunity to return to their original communities contributing to the development of the region.

Alternative School in ColombiaA coordination committee has been constituted with the participation of members from the community, ex-combatants, the local government, The United Nations Development Program (UNPD), and PASO Colombia. A first planning workshop was held with all the participants of the school to decide the economic projects that will guide the efforts of this new school named “The Reconciliation ERA”.

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