A Rural Alternative School Starts Activities In Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo

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A Rural Alternative School Starts Activities In Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo

A new Rural Alternative School begins activities at the municipality of Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo. This productive and educational collaboration platform will provide to ex-combatants and neighboring communities with the possibility to develop successful agricultural projects; it will support the food sustainability of the peasant families; it will improve the cooperative work and strengthening new multisectoral partnerships.

This ERA will initially support the fish farming project approved by the National Reincorporation Council (CNR, for its Spanish acronym) for 90 ex-combatants organized in the COMUCCOM cooperative, who already received $2,400 USD per individual as stipulated in the Final Agreement. The fish farming project will be developed in 12 hectares, obtained through a bailment with the municipality of Puerto Guzmán for 5 years, renewable for another 5.

The ERA will offer training and tools to produce the fish feed with locally grown plants, it will support the production of organic fertilizers building a biofactory and providing training; and it will support the recovery of cacao and citrus crops which are already in the area.

The Italian NGO International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) and the oil company Gran Tierra, are partners of this ERA. They will strengthen the effort to provide the participants with training, technical assistance and social accompaniment along their projects. The National Training Service (SENA) will also offer building training and install a sanitary ware.  From the beginning of the process, this ERA will have the support of researchers of the University of Notre Dame, who will assess the impact of the ERA model in the lives of the ex-combatants and the surrounding communities.