Rural Alternative School (ERA) Starts Activities in Guapi, Cauca.

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Rural Alternative School (ERA) Starts Activities in Guapi, Cauca.

After several months of exploration, consultation, and planning, PASO Colombia has launched a new Rural Alternative School (ERA) in Guapi, Cauca. This marks the 11th territory in Colombia where PASO has worked with public, private and international organizations to establish the ERA model.

In alliance with the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, The National Training Service (SENA), and with the support of the World Food Program, the Social Pastoral, and the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization, this new ERA is initiating activities on land provided by a member of the community under a free-use contract. The projects developed will include azaí, coconuts, and pig breeding for local commercial supply chains. Additionally, crops of cassava, papachina, corn, plantain and beans will be cultivated to ensure food security for the participants and neighboring communities.

Activities in the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Guapi began on February 20th 2019  with the delivery of tools and initial tasks for land preparation. During this ongoing initial phase, crops will be established, and a biofabric will be built for the production of organic fertilizers.

Projects at the Guapi ERA will be developed initially by 46 ex-combatants who decided to migrate from their original reincorporation zones and return to the place where their families live. The projects expect to generate income opportunities for the inhabitants of the region as well as to contribute to the supply of some of the food products that are scarce in the region.