PASO Colombia at the Build Peace Conference

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PASO Colombia at the Build Peace Conference

Marta Salazar and Juan Fernando Lucio from PASO Colombia participated in Build Peace 2018, a conference that brings together practitioners, activists, academics, policymakers, artists, and technologists from around the world to share experiences and ideas on using technology, arts, and other innovations for peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

As a part of this year’s Build Peace conference, PASO hosted a workshop called Strengthening Peace Spaces in Colombia with the Use of New Forms of Organization and Technologies, where participants discussed how to design rural settlements in conflict-affected zones of rural Colombia that promote sustainable peace, economic well-being, and environmental protection. The workshop featured the Rural Alternative Schools developed and operated by PASO Colombia in 10 parts of the country.

The participants of the workshop included representatives from the European Commission, the British Council, and Creative Associates, among others. They were very interested in PASO’s experience as one of the few organizations that is developing actual fieldwork in post-conflict territories in Colombia. They expressed their interest in working with PASO, discussed funding ideas for expansion, proposed useful innovations, and helped identify other possible partners that can help to consolidate and expand Rural Alternative Schools in Colombia.

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