PASO Colombia Brings Ideas To The Concordia America’s Summit

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PASO Colombia Brings Ideas To The Concordia America’s Summit

July 17, 2018 - Bogotá, Colombia - Juan Fernando Lucio, National Director of PASO Colombia participated in the 2018 Concordia Americas Summit on July 16 & 17 whose main objective was to “serve as the first global platform through which to advise the incoming administration prior to its inauguration in August, while addressing the political and economic priorities of Colombia and Latin America as a whole.”

The 2018 Americas Summit brought together the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos; the newly elected president and vice-president, Ivan Duque and Marta Lucía Ramirez; the former vice president of the USA Joseph Biden; the administrator of USAID Mark green; the chairman of the KKR Global Institute and Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. (Ret.) David H. Petraeus; among other renowned political, guild, and business leaders, academic experts, and representatives of leading non-governmental organizations.

PASO Colombia was invited to become part of the Concordia Innovative Financing Coalition. Lucio participated in the private round table of this coalition that brought together leaders from across the spectrum of investment firms, multilateral organizations, government, civil society, entrepreneurs, and impact experts to highlight best practices, better understand how innovative financing models are structured, and develop a coalition of interested parties that Concordia’s Department of Partnership Development will continue to engage with as Concordia builds out its larger initiative on innovative financing.

The model of the Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs) was discussed as an innovative way to bring together the knowledge, labor, land, capital and markets necessary to develop rural economies in areas previously affected by armed conflict. Working hand by hand with the communities, taking in account the specificities of each territory and strengthening the collaborative capacities of the actors involved in the local development, the ERAs help to reduce the risk of social investment and to amplify its impacts.

This summit was also a great opportunity for networking and finding new possible partners in PASO’s effort to build a sustainable peace in Colombia.

Joe Biden in the Concordia America’s Summit


Group Meeting at the Concordia America’s Summit