217 new ERA students

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217 new ERA students

Activities in the new ERAs of Dabeiba, Mutatá and Ituango in Antioquia began with a practical series of workshops about identification of productive soils and ecological subsystems. In this workshop students learn to identify soil properties for each type of crop, the nutrients present or missing on it and the type of action that should be taken according to the characteristics of the soil in each place. They also learn about how to associate different types of crops and animal production so that they complement each other in environmental, nutritional, energy and pest control terms.

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These trainings are carried out along with CIER, CEIBA and CEAM. The first two organizations have been working 25 year in the development of an education sistem with a rural approach, pertinent to the peasant communities. CEAM is a corporation has contributed over the past 23 years to the sustainable development of the territory and the improvement of  the quality of life of its inhabitants, promoting self-management processes.

These ERAs will benefit 217 persons developing projects in aquaculture, cocoa, banana, vegetables, fruit and dual-purpose livestock. The productive implementation of the projects is part of a comprehensive strategy of capacity building in the community, and the gradual construction of an inclusive, fair and supportive agricultural marketing model, that contributes to the improvement of the local alimentary supply, to the efficient articulation to markets and to the welfare of the population.