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Substitution of illicit crops in Colombia February 12, 2020

United Nations and the Colombian Government Endorse PASO Colombia´s Work

This plan supports Families enrolled in the Comprehensive National Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops (PNIS) in 10 municipalities throughout the country. In Dagua, there are 200 heads of households participating in the Contingency Plan, of which 132 are women.

los ex cultivadores de coca Colombia February 5, 2020

Implementing the Peace Agreements by Supporting Ex-coca Growers

The participating communities identify the strategic areas in which they can focus their collective efforts in order to strengthen productive and commercial networks that offer viable alternatives to illegal economies.

ERA January 29, 2020

2019 a Year of Expansion for the Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs)

In 2019, PASO Colombia opened 10 new Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs), reaching a total of 20 ERAs operating throughout the country and supporting 1,406 participants.

Colombian Honey made for Peace Building January 27, 2020

Protecting Biodiversity and Building Peace Through Honey

The 29 ERA participants are ex-combatants organized through the Multiactive Cooperative for the development of the Northeast of Antioquia (COOMULDESNA) and have been supported by PASO Colombia in their beekeeping project since February 2019.

El-Rarra School Colombia October 24, 2019

New Approach to Reincorporation in the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of El Tarra

Twenty-five ex-combatants and three farmers from the region are the initial participants of this ERA. They will receive tailor-designed training for their needs in a central farm, where they’ll learn about food sustainability, pisciculture and livestock breeding.