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Alternative Jobs for Growers of Illicit Crops - Fishing June 22, 2020

New Rural School in Carmen Del Darién to Develop Herbal Health Care Products

Ex-combatants team with a local women’s association in Colombia’s Chocó department to grow medicinal plants and produce and sell health and beauty products. 

ERA Miranda - Colombia June 8, 2020

The ERA of Miranda is strengthening to cope with the COVID-19 emergency

In the Rural Alternative School of Miranda, Cauca, new projects are growing up. These projects will allow its participants to face the difficult situation generated by COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping with Covid 19 -in Colombia May 28, 2020

Strengthening Food Security During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Community orchards in Colombia’s Cesar Department provide food security for rural communities during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Covid 19 help in Cali Colombia - Medication May 8, 2020

New Rural School in Cali Supports COVID-19 Emergency in the City

A new Rural Alternative School in Cali aims to create jobs and training opportunities for ex-combatants living in Colombia’s urban areas.

Sustitución de Cultivos de Coca April 6, 2020

Supporting Sustainable Substitution of Coca Crops

Contingency plan to support ex-coca growers combines local knowledge and capacities, with productive innovations and access to markets for 1,967 participants.