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Pesca Artesanal Costa Pacifica August 16, 2019

New ERA to Support Artisanal Fishing along the Pacific Coast

This new ERA will train the participants in good practices of deep-sea fishing, food handling, fish processing and cold chains. It will support the repair of existing ships and the acquisition of fishing equipment.

Agricultural Systems Testing August 16, 2019

ERAs Test New Building Technology

The building is a technological innovation that can be raised in less than a day. Made of galvanized steel, the structure’s high standards of engineering increase its resistance to earthquakes. 

Anori Farming School July 19, 2019

New Rural Alternative School in Anorí, Antioquia

A new Rural Alternative School (ERA) in Anorí, Antioquia, will support a beekeeping project developed by 28 participants of the cooperative of ex-combatants COOMULDESNA and two peasants of the nearby community.

Re-integrate Colombian Combattants June 18, 2019

A Rural Alternative School Starts Activities In Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo

The ERA will offer training and tools to produce the fish feed with locally grown plants, it will support the production of organic fertilizers building a biofactory and providing training; and it will support the recovery of cacao and citrus crops which are already in the area.

Colombia ERA Fish Food June 18, 2019

ERAs Produce Their Own Fish Feed

Thanks to the agreement between PASO Colombia and the Llanos University, participants of the ERAs in Mutatá, Dabeiba (Antioquia) and San José (Guaviare) learn to prepare fish feed for their productive projects.