Nancy - Anorí, Antioquia

Nancy - Alternatives to Growing Coca Colombia

Nancy paid a high cost trying to secure a livelihood for her family by growing coca. These experiences made her want to rebuild her life and the social fabric of her community. After the Peace Agreement was signed, she subscribed to the National Comprehensive Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops (PNIS) and committed herself to the welfare of her municipality by participating in the Women and Gender area of the Development Programmes with Territorial Focus (PDET). But Nancy didn't stop there, she decided to seize every opportunity that peace offered to her.

In this episode of “Women Seeding Peace,” Nancy tells us how she has implemented her leadership and gender-related insights in the municipal nursery of Anorí. Supported by PASO Colombia’s Contingency Plan To Support Ex-coca Grower Families, more than 40 women like Nancy are eliminating coca crops and seeding a more prosperous and peaceful future for their municipalities.

Like Nancy, women who have substituted coca crops across Colombia are creating a new life for themselves and their communities. The “Women Seeding Peace” web series collects the stories of participants of PASO Colombia’s Contingency Plan, which supports families registered in the PNIS program. Today, these women are the driving forces of sustainable development in their territories.

The Contingency Plan to Support Ex-coca Grower Families is funded by the UN Multipartner Trust Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia, and implemented by PASO Colombia in coordination with the Presidential Office for Stabilization and Consolidation.

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