Voices from the Territory Achievements

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After six months of work, these are some of the achievements of Voices of the Territory:

  • The project has benefited directly 4.000 participants and 335 organizations, comprising more than 15.029 members.
  • Approximately 200 community meetings have been held, including training workshops, cultural events, and awareness-raising workshops with journalists and local media.
  • Among the project participants, 50% are women leaders in their regions, 25% are young people and 20% belong to ethnic populations or LGBTIQ+.
  • Two out of three participants had a positive change about their knowledge of the contents of the Final Peace Agreement.
  • The youth were the ones who experienced the most significant change in their level of knowledge about the agreement. More than 70% of the participants between 14 and 28 years of age positively changed their understanding of the contents of the Final Peace Agreement.
(Source: Input-output instrument applied by PASO Colombia)