Partnership with Hugo Restrepo & Co

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Main Facts of the Partnership 


Hugo Restrepo & Cía S.A.

Association for the Constitution of the Peasant Reserve Zone of Miranda, Cauca (ASPROZONAC)
Center for the Promotion of Territorial Development (CEPRODEC)

Supported by

Banco Agrario de Colombia
National Training Service (SENA)

Value US $92,069.00
Duration 1 year
Participants: 35 people


Overview of the Partnership

Within the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Miranda, Cauca, a CCP has been developed between PASO Colombia, Hugo Restrepo & Co., and the two cooperatives of peasants and ex-combatants participating in this ERA to cultivate and sell tabasco chili peppers.

Hugo Restrepo & Cía S.A. is a Colombian company that exports chili peppers to the United States, the European Union, and Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to this partnership, the company is committed to buying the chili pepper production of the ERA of Miranda and neighboring peasant communities, maintaining a fixed price, and providing the seeds, training, technical assistance, and transportation for the product as well as a mill to be installed in this ERA.

During each productive cycle this partnership generates 8 permanent jobs for 14 months, 60 temporary jobs during the course of 8 months, plus the profits that will be distributed among the participating cooperatives of peasants and ex-combatants. The agreement can be renewed yearly under the same conditions.