Our contribution to Voices from the Territory: "The story in which all of us fit"

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In early 2022, PASO Colombia took over the role of National Implementing Partner of the project Voices from the Territory for its second phase. This phase was named "The story in which all of us fit," alluding to the collective narrative that the organizations have agreed upon as a shared horizon in which their diverse journeys converge. To this end, the process focuses on three areas:

  • The collective creation and formulation of a community project for each municipality, articulating the different conceptions of peace and regional developments of all the participating organizations.
  • The strengthening of their technical capabilities to execute the projects.
  • Raising awareness about the potential of the Peace Agreement to develop their territories further.
  • Promoting alliances between local media and the collectives implementing the projects. 

Based on the approach that has come to characterize PASO Colombia, creating local work networks was one of the key aspects of carrying out these tasks. For this purpose, a network of 20 extensionists was formed with a constant presence in the territories, who accompanied the entire process closely with each community, together with the territorial teams of the coordinating organizations. In turn, this territorial network was strengthened with 22 local workshop leaders who conducted training sessions on specific topics such as the construction of memory, photographic, audiovisual, and radio production, graphic design, and social media management. 

Another element that gained particular relevance during the process was the clear need for the projects to contribute to the communities’ commercial endeavors. As this has been the core of PASO's work over the last six years, this work approach facilitated the use of different communication strategies to strengthen collaborative platforms for the implementation of farmers' markets, the design of ecotourism routes, and the commercialization of local agricultural products.