Supporting Sustainable Substitution of Coca Crops

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Supporting Sustainable Substitution of Coca Crops

In partnership with the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia, PASO Colombia has designed and implemented a Contingency Plan to support ex-coca grower families. The Plan bridges the gap between phases of the National Comprehensive Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops (PNIS) that have experienced delays in their implementation.

With a strategy that combines local knowledge and skills, with productive innovations and access to markets, 1,967 participants received an income for their participation in the strengthening of productive and commercial networks. These networks aim to improve the sustainability of alternatives to coca crops. 

This intervention reinforced the families’ commitment in the substitution of illicit crops and empowered them to become driving forces of sustainable development in their territories. 

With a focus on gender, the Contingency Plan’s participants are 80% women. The Plan works with women to promote their financial independence and support their participation as leaders of social and productive organizations.

PNIS is a program developed by the Colombian National Government as part of the Final Agreement to End the Armed Conflict and Build a Stable and Lasting Peace, which considers the solution to the illicit drugs problem as a fundamental aspect of peacebuilding in Colombia. 

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