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November 23, 2022

Workshop on trauma management and resilience-building with ex-combatants

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and PASO Colombia joined forces to conduct the workshop "Transitions: Treating Wounds of the Soul" in which ex-combatants and people working in the reincorporation process learned about trauma management and the path to psychosocial resilience. The objective of the workshop was integrating the conversations about mental health and psychosocial support to the peace-building process.

HuertasUrbanas_Paz_Cali October 12, 2022

Urban Gardens for Peace. From rioting to sowing

PASO Colombia is supporting an urban agriculture project in marginalized neighborhoods of Cali, Colombia. It works with youngsters, women, and victims of the armed conflict, who participated in the riots that shocked Colombia in 2021. It capitalizes the solidarity and desire for change present in these communities, to sow new forms of collective action that contribute to peace building.

Evento con Carl Stauffer - USIP - PASO August 24, 2022

PASO organizes dialogue on restorative justice with the United States Institute of Peace in Cali

Carl Stauffer, an expert in reconciliation from the United States Institute of Peace, held a meeting in Cali to discuss restorative justice and its contributions to the sustainability of the peace process with ex-combatants, representatives of public institutions in the department, and members of social organizations.

August 1, 2022

Peacebuilding in Morales

Voces del Territorio | Social organizations are working on the "Travesía por la diversidad y la paz Moralense" initiative in Morales, Cauca, to strengthen their productive projects through local communication.


July 27, 2022

This is how the Cauca Pacific region builds peace

Participants of the ERA in Guapi strengthen their agricultural project thanks to funds provided by donor countries for the implementation of the Peace Agreement and jointly managed by the UN Verification Mission and the United Nations Development Program.