This is how the Cauca Pacific region builds peace

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This is how the Cauca Pacific region builds peace

“Nearly fifty peace signatories and members of their neighboring community are turning Guapi, Cauca, into a recognized center for reincorporation and peacebuilding in southwestern Colombia.”

Thanks to Extra-Budget funding provided by donor nations and jointly handled by the UN Verification Mission and the UN Development Program for the implementation of the Peace Agreement, members of the Rural Alternative School of Guapi will strengthen their productive initiative.

With the assistance of PASO Colombia, the ASOEMPREMPAZ organization has been working on and modifying a chicken breeding and marketing initiative adapting it to the local environmental needs. Thanks to these new contributions, they will be able to manufacture the concentrate feed that their animals need, which will increase chicken production and lower costs. Animal breeding production facilities will be complemented by home-based concentrate production in a practical and affordable approach. Due to their usage of local raw materials, the participants are less affected by national price increases in industrial concentrates and fertilizers.

We draw attention to the work done at the national level by the UN Verification Mission in assisting the reincorporation process and the productive initiatives that have been developing within it. Since remote agricultural endeavors must face challenging circumstances like the precariousness of roads and other modes of transportation, or the high cost of imported raw materials, this support is essential to ensuring their viability.

Find here the full article published by the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.