Building Sustainable Peace Through Collaboration

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What We Do

Collaboration Systems

PASO COLOMBIA underwrites the costs of identifying and supporting coalitions composed of participants from the public, private and social sectors to make collaboration on all aspects of peace stronger, more trustworthy, and valuable.

Colombia Sustainable Peace

PASO COLOMBIA helps coalitions:

  1. identify and define shared problems
  2. develop common measurement frameworks
  3. provide ongoing administrative support
  4. mobilize public support
  5. promote public policies
  6. access outside funding

Information Systems

Providing collaboration system services gives PASO COLOMBIA a unique informational vantage point, which it uses to deliver further value to participants. By creating dynamic and interactive information systems, PASO COLOMBIA transforms information snapshots into pertinent information streams, aggregating and exchanging existing knowledge in ways that allow participants to adapt in real time.

What We Will Achieve

  1. Participants will capitalize on stronger information and collaboration systems to be more viable and impactful over the long term
  2. Focus areas will transcend violent conflict so lessons may be multiplied to other territories
  3. Colombia will become a force for peace in the region and beyond

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We recognize the rich knowledge and capacity of actors dedicated to peace
  2. We work impartially with all agents of peace, regardless of sector, ideology, or approach
  3. Improved information management transforms engagement and insights for peace
  4. Holistic understandings of shared problems inspire common visions
  5. Meaningful and ongoing dialogue propels synchronized action
  6. We have no interest in short-termism, protagonism, or control
  7. Peace efforts must be continuouslyimproved and proactively sustained