PASO Colombia produces evidence-based analyzes that help strengthen our collaborative peacebuilding projects. We use a participatory approach and rigorous methodologies to generate results suitable for public use.

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November 03,2021

Tracking Our Impact

The results have allowed PASO to monitor the impact of its model over the years and make data-driven decisions.
July 30,2021

The Base of the Mountain

Rural Alternative School of Miranda, Cauca
This publication is the result of a research of the development process in the ERA of Miranda, recognizing its impacts and contributions to the construction of peace and sustainable development in the Colombian countryside.
October 13,2020

Report Of The Dialogues For Peace Forum In The East Of Cali

This report analyses and summarizes the results of the first forum "Let's Dialogue for Peace from Our Territories ¡Peace is Ours!” held in May 2016 at the Compartir School in the East of Cali, in partnership with the Interurban Reconciliation and Coexistence Commission (CIURC).