1,800 economic opportunities for ex-combatants

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1,800 economic opportunities for ex-combatants

PASO Colombia presents at Casa de Narino

July 31 – Bogotá, Colombia - PASO Colombia and 12 key stakeholders were at Casa de Nariño (Colombia's presidential house) presenting to the team of the Presidential High Councilor for Post Conflict eight projects aimed at providing economic opportunities for more than 1,800 ex-combatants.

The governmental representatives discussed the projects with great interest and asked PASO to present them to the National Council for Reincorporation for their evaluation and funding. This Council is the highest instance where Governmental and former FARC’s representatives make decisions about reincorporation projects. This is a milestone in PASO’s collaborative work with civil society, private sector, government, and ex-combatants. 

The discussed projects where:

  • Commercialization of high quality coffees produced by ex-combatants and communities
  • Agricultural schools for the development of the peasant economy
  • Agro-business development in the Nudo de Paramillo region.
  • Community system for land legalization
  • Conservation and restauration of strategic ecosystems in Antioquia
  • Recuperation of degraded ecosystems in Cauca
  • Tourism based on peace and literature
  • Low cost wireless connectivity